Reaching New Heights in Nuclear Medicine

2023 Hal O’Brien Rising Star Award Winners

On behalf of the Hal O’Brien Rising Star Award Committee and the High Country Nuclear Medicine Organizing Committee, it is our pleasure to announce the winners of this competition.

  • Amir Iravani, MD, FRACP (University of Washington) – Nominated by the Therapy COR (Winner from 2022)
  • Krishna Patel, MD (Mount Sinai) – Nominated by both SNMMI Cardiovascular Council and ASNC
  • Nicolas Karakatsanis, PhD (Cornell University) – Nominated by SNMMI Physics, Instrumentation and Data Sciences Council
  • Patricia Manuela Ribeiro Pereira, PhD (Washington University School of Medicine) – Nominated by SNMMI Radiopharmaceutical Sciences Council

We congratulate these outstanding Rising Stars and appreciate their efforts and the efforts of their nominating organizations in helping us identify the future leaders in our field.

Photos below in order of above list.

Amir Iravani, MD, FRACP

University of Washington

Krishna Patel, MD

Mount Sinai

Nicolas Karakatsanis, PhD

Cornell University

Patricia Manuela Ribeiro Pereira, PhD

Washington University School of Medicine