Reaching New Heights in Nuclear Medicine

2020 Hal O’Brien Rising Star Award Winners

On behalf of the Hal O’Brien Rising Star Award Committee and the High Country Nuclear Medicine Organizing Committee, it is our pleasure to announce the first winners of this competition.

  • Thomas Hope, MD, University of California, SF, nominated by the SNMMI Correlative Imaging Council
  • Benjamin Larimer, PhD, University of Alabama Birmingham. nominated by the SNMMI Radiopharmaceutical Council
  • Venkatesh  Murthy, M.D., Ph.D., University of Michigan,  nominated by ASNC
  • James Thackeray, Ph.D. Hannover Medical School, nominated by the SNMMI Cardiovascular Council.

We congratulate these outstanding Rising Stars and appreciate their efforts and the efforts of their nominating organizations in helping us identify the future leaders in our field.


We also congratulate the other outstanding finalists who will receive a certificate of recognition from HCNMC and encourage their organizations to consider nominating them in the future.

  • Erica Cohen, MD, MPH, Loyola University, nominated by the SNMMI Academic Council
  • Erin Grady, MD, Emory University, nominated by the SNMMI General Nuclear Medicine Council
  • Neha Kwatra, MBBS, MD, Boston Children’s Hospital, nominated by the SNMMI Pediatric Imaging Council


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